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Slytherin Skin

Pure of Blood & Marked by Ink

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Welcome to Slytherin Skin

I’ve started this community for Fans of Harry Potter who also love Tattoo’s. Be it you getting the Dark Mark or any other kind, this is the place for you. You are welcome to chat about your tattoos, the places you’ve had it done on your body and which shop, your experiences, photo’s of you tattoo’s or picture’s of tattoo’s from people that you know. You can also promote any good tattoo artists you know or that of yours or your friends tattoo shop.

You can post an introductory post if you want, you don’t have to. It would be nice to know who you are though. Include things like, where did you get it done, how much did it cost and how long did it take.

It doesn’t just have to be about tattoo’s either, feel free to post about piercing’s and other body modifications.
To start off with I’m not going to impose any rules as this community is new, if however you all start to misbehave I’ll have to get all Mistress of the Dark on you.

I’ll just lay down some common sense though…
1. Be considerate.
2. Treat others as you’d like to be treated.
3. Lj Cut pictures, respect other’s bandwith.
That’s it, Join the Darkside and get a free tattoo!

Have a question? Got troll issues? Want to help? Leave me a comment here.
Stalk the moderator through mcrcondoms.

tattoos are love
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purebloods are love
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